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100% of your donation goes directly towards the care of every single dog we rescue from a shelter.

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We will rescue shelter dogs 3 ways: 

Physically: Dogs who have been abandoned or surrendered to kill shelters.

Mentally: Using dog psychology through exercise, mental stimulation and affection. Using a wide range of structured, pack oriented, socialization and behavior modification activities. 

Permanently: Our goal is to match the energies of the dog and adopter to create forever lasting relationships. 

We will strive to:

Educate: Staff, volunteers, dog owners and potential adopters about the importance of how dogs communicate with us and each other so that unwanted behaviors can be addressed before becoming a problem. We will take advantage of all platforms including but not limited to social media, blogs, online videos, in person seminars, pack walks and group activities. 

Create Relationships: With local rescues, shelters, vets, groomers, animal control, law enforcement as well as behaviorists and trainers so that we can collaborate and make a bigger impact on animal welfare in the community. We will also create outside relationships through social media and online sources for the benefit of public education and animal welfare.

Practice: Calm and confident leadership so that all dogs at our rescue will achieve balance and pay it forward by helping new pack members achieve balance.

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Our organization earned a 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency! Now, everyone can learn more about our programs. Check out our updated nonprofit profile on Candid by clicking on the badge above.

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“Your Intentions Have to be More Powerful Than Your Obstacles”

Cesar Millan

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