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Our Pack: Meet the Team



I thought I knew what dog ownership was until we adopted Candace. Her fearful nature was very different from the family dogs I had growing up. When we were at our wits end on how to make Candace’s life with us a happy one, we got help from New Jersey behaviorist Janice Wolfe. She introduced me to a world of dog behavior I never knew existed. More than just teaching sit, stay, come and heel. She taught us how to see the world from a dog’s perspective, and how to relate to a dog in a language they understand. That was in 2014 and I’ve been a student of dog psychology and behavior rehabilitation ever since. I’ve read all of Cesar Millan’s books and studied his shows. I took advantage of pandemic downtime and learned through virtual sessions with world renowned trainer and rescuer Cheri Wulff Lucas, and Steve Del Savio of Pack Leader Dog Psychology & Behavior. I attended a Lucas Agnew workshop in California where I trained with Cheri Lucas and Brian Agnew, and also connected with many other experienced trainers from around the country. In 2020 my wife Andrea and I moved to Gainesville, FL where I currently help train and rehabilitate dogs with Jimmy Nievez at Casper’s Camp Hope. I will always consider myself an open minded student of natural dog behavior and rehabilitation with a focus on saving dogs lives.



Andrea has always been an animal lover and feels very fortunate that she gets to help dogs in a more meaningful way.




Candace is a German Shorthaired Pointer that was found in an overnight drop off pen at a kill shelter somewhere in South Carolina. We think because of her natural "back of the pack" sensitive nature, she did not make a good hunting dog. We think this because of her noise phobias. Years of direction and exposure to "scary" things has built her confidence and has also helped this sweet girl get over fears and become a completely different dog.

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