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The Heart of Our Rescue Efforts

Image by Oscar Sutton


At our rescue we believe that every dog deserves to live the best life a dog could possibly live. The heart of our mission is to save shelter dogs and give them another chance at living that life. We believe that holistic health is very important for any dog to thrive. The goal of our Healthy Rescue Pet Program is to ensure that every dog at our rescue can eat the highest quality unprocessed whole foods available. This program also provides holistic veterinary care, which may or may not include heartworm, flea & tick preventatives, prescription medicine, dental care and vaccines. We believe in integrative medicine’s approach of treating the underlying causes of disease rather than treating symptoms. Natural remedies and dietary supplements when appropriate over conventional products. Every dog and situation is different and this program allows us to care for every dog individually and as naturally as possible.

Many Dogs


According to the The National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, biting and behavior related issues are cited to be top reasons why dogs are surrendered to shelters. We believe that a fundamental understanding of dog psychology (viewing the world through a dog’s eyes) and the human/dog relationship can help prevent behavior issues from becoming a problem. Through education and professional training, this program aims to help prevent unwanted dog behaviors from being a reason for owner surrenders. Our goal is to permanently home a dog. It only makes sense to focus on root causes and educate the human on how to prevent behavior issues from occurring. This program helps cover the costs of professional services and recreational activities that help fulfill a specific dog breed. This can include sheep herding, rally obedience, scent training, search and rescue, hunting, water sports, behavior rehabilitation, and more.


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